About Kevin Caucher

What about me? Surely you would have guessed that Kevin Caucher is not my real name; it’s just a name I’d chosen for myself quite awhile ago and it got stuck.

Growing up in China, I’ve never found that being Asian and my cultural background would have had this much influence on myself, but I guess I was just silly thinking that. Now I’m happily partnered in NSW, Australia, and I’ve just starting to realise that, yes, of course they’ve had much more influence on my character than I expected.

When and how did I start writing? I actually started writing in Chinese around junior high school, though I never think those writings are any good, but I suppose that kind of started my relationship with pens, or more specifically, pencils. Yes, I still prefer to physically write with pencils, at least with my first drafts.

Then I encountered Creative Writing when I was doing my undergrad degree. Though I don’t like the teacher anymore – that is another story – but she did lead me to the world of creative writing and I am grateful for that. Then, the proverbial “The rest is history.”

Besides writing, I love fashion and did some silly designs myself, though I no longer can find the time to do it. I’ve also opened a cafe in December 2015. There, I have finished the cliche that writers always write in cafes.

Leave a message if you want to know more.


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