Recent activities in the writing world.

I’m feeling a bit guilty for not doing my free writing in the last couple of weeks. I’m afraid the cliched busy life and work and all is no longer acceptable.

I have, however, been drafting, revising and editing two of my stories for anthologies for Wayward Ink Publishing, and they are going well, I suppose.

It is a bit more difficult when one doesn’t have a beta reader, but I feel like it’d be still okay to edit by myself if I give it enough time to go through multiple drafts and enough time so that I can have a fresh pair of eyes every edit.

Also, having some friends that are interested in reading the drafts helps too.

Writer’s Edit has a great guide on steps to revise one’s story.

One last note: don’t think I’m claiming to be an expert on revising. In fact I think I’m awful with revising, but a lot of trial-and-errors helps.


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